Baby Buck Studio

About the Studio

Howdy folks and welcome to Baby Buck Studio. We're located in the Oakland Hills. We are an analog studio. Yes, we record to tape. It sounds fantastic. The cornerstone of the studio is an Ampex MM 1100 2" 16-track tape machine. We also have a Tascam 38 1/2" 8-track machine for smaller projects.

We have a nice selection of microphones and outboard gear--U/A, Mojave,
Blue, Josephson, etc (email for a detailed list). The studio also has a nice sounding Yamaha spinet piano, Wurlitzer 200A, Farfisa, and a set of Ludwig/Slingerland drums, or bring your own. Also, I'm a guitar player, so we've got lots of great sounding acoustic and electric guitars and amps.

About Danny

Hello, Danny here. I'm your Engineer/Producer guy. I've been playing and recording for over 20 years. I've got a good set of ears, so if you want my suggestions on arrangement or performance, I'm more than happy to give it. I'm also happy to just twiddle knobs and help you get what's in your head on tape. I love the recording process. If you want to experiment, we've got enough toys to make most sonic dreams come true.

Kid Music

Kids love music and they love to make stuff. I've had the pleasure of seeing youngsters come up with great song ideas. I can help them form their abstract and not-so-abstract feelings and ideas into song.

Even if they can't play a note, they can create music. I can provide the basics for them to expand on. Once we have an idea for a song, a title, and maybe a basic feeling--happy, sad, fast, slow--we'll start recording. Before you know it, a song is born. I've seen kids beam with confidence when they hear what they've recorded. Check out our video page for a great example.

Songs make great gifts! Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Get Well Soon...songs are better than cards!

Baby Buck is a great place to make all kinds of music.
Call or email with questions or to arrange for a tour.

Thanks, Danny Allen